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Air Conditioning repair

Therma Tech Inc knows that it is important to balance our customers’ needs with that of the services we offer. We strive to make it as easy as possible for you to choose our company as the right air conditioning repair contractor for your home or business heating and cooling system needs.

We asses every home or business on space available, climate and insulation in order to help our customers choose the system that will work best for their needs. Working in this way with our customers helps in finding the best air conditioning system that is appropriate, cost effective and environmentally friendly.

Central heating and cooling is the norm for most homes and buildings in California. The initial costs of installing a centralized heating and cooling system is far outweighed by the benefits gained long term. At Therma Tech Inc we strive to keep your home or business just the way you want it, at the perfect temperature for your needs.

Heating and cooling typically makes up about 48% of your utility bill. It doesn’t matter what kind of heating and cooling system you have, you will improve your comfort level and potentially save money by upgrading and properly maintaining your HVAC equipment.

Just having an energy efficient furnace on its own will not have as great an impact on your energy bill as having a trustworthy air conditioning repair contractor providing maintenance and upgrades with recommended thermostat settings, insulation and air sealing. This offers energy bill savings of up to 30% while reducing environmental emissions.

If you are feeling cold in your home or business it may very well be that your heating system is not working as well as it should. Now would be the time to find a reputable air conditioning repair contractor to check your system and make sure it is working properly. Trust that Therma Tech Inc will do it’s best to get your home or business at the perfect environment to meet your needs.


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  •   I don't like to give a negative review especially since I watched them work at my neighbor's house where they did Excellent work installing AC to an existing furnace and assisting an Energy Company do an Energy Audit.

    That said I was willing to wait a few days for Henry to show up to ascertain why my AC wasn't working.

    Henry was able to get the AC to work at the furnace. He diagnosed a broken conductor in the cable between the wall thermostat and the attic furnace and suggested I contact an Electrician to rewire the thermostat.

    After Henry left I noticed an extra conductor in the thermostat cable which could have been used???

    Taking two trips into the attic and a twisted nerve I was able to replace the cable.
    In checking the old cable I found that all of the conductors in the cable were fine???

    Needless to say I felt I needed to contact another HVAC company.  I was able to get a referral from an neighbor and they responded the next day.

    The HVAC Technician used the new cable and rewired my thermostat and rewired the furnace by removing all of the conductors on the terminals and starting over.

    The HVAC Technician was able to get the AC working again.  Heat and AC working fine now.

    Unfortunately, no real cause found for the AC not working.

    thumb James R.

      A+++ Henry at ThermaTech got my 20 year old air conditioner to work again. My unit finally gave out, and we are expecting 90-100 degree weather this weekend. I honestly did not expect it could be fixed, and given the age, I was not hopeful anyone would even try to fix it. I know a 20 year unit needs to be replaced, but given the upcoming heat wave, I wanted to just see what my options were. Other companies I called could not see me until next week (which I understand, we have another heat wave coming). I called and spoke with Vicky, who was super helpful and called me back right away. Within 30 minutes of calling Vicky, Henry was at my house and had repaired my AC for $195. Wow! I will absolutely be calling them for all my HVAC needs (including my new AC!), Thank you so much Vicky and Henry!!!

    thumb Loree P.

      This is a follow up to my previously posted review. I appreciate the owner's following up with my review. Although the problem with my A/C was a new one and not related to the part your company replaced, you insisted on compensating me an amount that was double the repair bill. This shows your sincerity and focus on customer satisfaction. I appreciate that. Since I still feel that you do not owe me this compensation, I donated it to a needy 3 year old girl who needs inner ear replacement operation in China. You can count it as your donation in spirit too. God bless

    thumb David N.
  •   Henri and his team were quite professional. Quote was close to the lowest we got, while work quality, punctuality, and customer service has been just fantastic.

    We had them install a three headed mini-split system for us about 6 months ago, and the system has been working flawlessly.

    thumb Mani M.

      I called to see if I could get a HVAC maintenance person to come out and they were booked a week out. Vickie who answered the phone took me through a list of questions to see if there was something I could do on my end to troubleshoot the problem. After she exhausted the list she asked me for my number and said she would call within an hour to see if there was anything she could do. She called me bach within 15 minutes and said she was able to get Henry (owner of co.) To come out within 2-3 hrs.. When Henry showed up he was wearing a mask and gloves. Henry asked me a few questions, went around the house into the basement to complete a diagnostic test. He discovered the issue, told me the cost for the part and told me I could get it cheaper and how much I would save. I told him to go ahead and fix our HVAC. Henry was very efficient (entire job 15 mins.), knowledgeable, and professional.
    He also looked at the entire unit and reviewed some additional items, up to including the age of our HVAC, how long they last, and the cost of a replacement.
    I highly recommend Therma Tech.

    thumb Chris A.

      My air conditioning went down. My usual HVAC Service came out and topped off the puron. They said there was probably a leak. We're in the middle of a serious heat wave and they said it would take them FOUR days to check out the leak and that they couldn't get to it for a WEEK. Totally unacceptable.
    I called Therma Tech on a Sunday morning. Henry came out checked the Compressor and it appeared to be ok. Then he went into the attic and found a big visible leak in the coil. He said during this Covid thing he had purchased parts for so he could repair customers HVAC when Covid had shut factories down. He had a replacement coil in stock. A day later Mark and Adrian installed the coil and my air conditioning started working perfectly. I couldn't be more satisfied. Henry saved me over $6,000 by only replacing what was needed. During the heat wave I was willing to replacing everything. I found these people to be honest, clean, accommodating, and thorough. If I could give them more than 5 stars I would. I will certainly be giving them my future business and I will recommend them to my friends. A+++ job!

    thumb Reed A.
  •   When our heating stopped working in December, I called several HVAC repair companies. Most did not call us back, and many of them did not have availability for several weeks. Therma Tech was the exception. Therma Tech responded quickly, and was able to come out that same day! They were prompt, professional, competitively priced, and fixed our issue quickly. We will definitely be using them again. Thank you!

    thumb Christi Z.

      Therma Tech was amazing from A - Z! It's rare you find a company nowadays that genuinely cares and does not try to upsell you. AC unit was not blowing cold and Henry came through to fix it in record timing. He's very respectful and wore a mask throughout the entire ordeal. I'll be a for sure returning customer. Highly recommend you choose them, you won't regret it one bit.

    thumb Kevin C.

      Therma Tech is the most reliable HAVC I have consulted. Henry came for free quote of a brand new AC almost immediately after we texted him. He checked the environment and current facilities and then explained his professional thoughts about the project, what must to do and, what better to do, what optional to do and told us all processes of city permit, which means quote includes city permit and HERS testing. We have consulted more than three HVAC companies and Henry is the most honest and professional one so that we referred him to our friends even our project was not finished. Our new AC project should be very simple to install in the very beginning, however, it took more time than our expectation to get the city permit because of covid and our old outdated furnace infrastructure. Henry, his team, and his staffs were all patient and proactive to follow up every defects that city inspector pointed out (all about furnace rather than AC.) Thank god we have Therma tech. Strongly recommend!

    thumb Jauping C.
  •   I researched and received quotes from a few HVAC companies before going with Therma Tech. I went with them because they gave me options to what I was looking for AND they were responsive to my calls/questions. I had a new furnace and AC unit installed and this team is great. Henry, Vicky, Chris and his team were all professional and worked with me throughout the entire process. Chris and his team finished on time and cleaned up afterward. This team made this process easy for me. Much appreciated.

    thumb Amanda C.

      I called and got an appointment for the sa.e day. Techinican showed up on time. I got a text with ETA. Worked quickly and safely to diagnose problem with furnace. Would use Therma Tech again.

    thumb Melissa J.

      Very happy with my service from Henry of Therma Tech. Responsive and thorough. Will definitely use them again.

    thumb K V L.
  •   Yesterday my AC/heater started behaving all crazy, the fan would run continuously even after the thermostat turned off. I reached out to Therma Tech and was quickly set up with an 8-10am window for the next morning. Henry arrived this morning, well within the window, after an update came over text message to track his arrival time, a very neat feature. He proceeded to fix the issue within 2mins of being on site (there was a sneaky reset switch inside that had flipped) and wouldn't even take my money for the fix!

    To see this kind of generosity in these hard times really warmed my heart and I thank Henry for keeping my family warm during these cold months! Thank you for being a great human being and and giving exemplary service to your customers! I cannot recommend Therma Tech enough!

    thumb Andrew S.

      Loved how Vicky kept her promise to hook me up with Henry, the boss. They have a pretty good scheduling system via email and SMS. Henry is nice enough to give me a run down of what diagnosis he'll perform and how much each procedure costs and oh, he won't push you to install a new system. This guy is just as good as DG, but I ended up not to go with Therma Tech  due to the timing. I definitely encourage ppl to give them a call.

    thumb Lou T.

      I was able to get a same day appointment for service on our heater. Henry Elia was able to stop by sooner than the afternoon appointment time, so they called and verified the soon time was okay. Henry found the problem quickly and then offered repair options. He suggested the option that was the least expensive, but still effective, even though it meant a return visit with purchased parts would not be needed. Bottom line is that he recommended a solution that was a good choice for the customer but meant less money for him and the company.

    I'm very impressed with this customer first approach and the honesty that is required to provide that type of service.

    thumb Tom C.
  •   This team is top notch. Experienced foreman, energetic team and great customer attitude. I am very delighted that they have a schedule for me!

    3 and half days non stop installation of a mini split system with more than
    9 people there from two teams at one point.

    90%  done, now we just have to wait for a Cupertino city inspector!

    thumb Sun L.

      My encounter started with a call to Vicky at their office and she was wonderful and refreshing.  Let me explain, Its 96 degrees in San Jose, Ca.  My AC went out!  I was in NEED OF A FIX!  I knew places would be busy, so I planned on being told I would have to wait.  I was looking through YELP and I saw the reviews here and I was like okay lets try this place.   Vicky answered,  like I said, I was "expecting to be told it would be a day or two" but NO! She was so nice and patient with me and she surprised me by letting me know that there was a 1pm appointment that same day.  I was like WHOA!!! YES please.  She made the whole conversation and scheduling easy and I had even forgot that I was in a sweat box.  She even let me know that my tech was Henry and he was the owner, so not to worry.  She was just so personable, I really didn't even want to hang up the phone with her.  

    I received an email notification about the appointment, then a text notification letting me know when Henry was coming, YUP I could see the estimated time Henry would be here. That is way better than "UBER".  Sure enough the doorbell rings, the dogs bark, I grab my mask and open the door and there is Henry with his mask. I was delighted. I see he was social distancing, or I would have hugged him. He asked me to let him in the back yard to see the AC unit.

    Let me tell you something, Henry was very honest and I liked that.  He told me my unit is still under warranty and I CAN call them and they COULD come out to fix it for free, or he could fix it for a fee.  I was in a dilema.  But its HOT and Im too sweet to be in heat. SO I said FIX IT.  He did and he changed out my filter too.  I appreciated his sense of humor, help, professionalism and honesty.  Even though I paid it was money well spent and it was a great team that did the work.   Thank you.

    thumb Michelle A.

      I've used these folks several times, and their service is always great. One time they came out, looked at my system, and said I didn't need anything. No change!  How honest is that. Highly recommended.

    thumb Michael Y.
  •   I have never experienced this level of customer service. Beyond exceptional!!!
    Henry was at my house in less than 2 hours from my frantic call, on a Sunday no less, with temps forecast to reach 107.
    He had the A/C working in a matter of minutes... my hero!

    thumb Nancy F.

      Henry was on time, very efficient, pleasant & honest. Highly recommend...used them before great company!

    thumb Dave O.
Therma Tech Inc
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Michael Huang
Michael Huang
20:46 07 Jan 21
Fair pricing, quick service, nice, friendly, always willing to help. My furnace stopped working and started showing... pressure switch issues around Christmas. First, Therma Tech listened to my issue description and gave me a few tips (replacing the filter and resetting the furnace) on the phone. After a new filter, my furnace was still showing the pressure switch did not close or reopened LED, so I had to get the professionals involved. Henry came to my house, inspected the furnace very thoroughly, and explained to me (I know nothing about the furnance) what was happening. He took apart my furnace, cleaned up all the parts, and then my furnace was fixed! 10/10 would recommendread more
Dave Chun
Dave Chun
21:20 09 Nov 20
My furnace stopped blowing warm air in our house on a cold day in November. This unfortunately occurred on Saturday... evening, and the lows that night were in the 40s. The next morning my house was 60 degrees and we were shivering in the house! I called Therma Tech on Monday morning when they opened and they were able to come out the same day! He spent 15 minutes diagnosing the problem and fixed it right away! Amazing service and super knowledgeable. Highly recommend!read more
Sherri Kuykendall
Sherri Kuykendall
16:14 19 Aug 20
They showed up fast and diagnosed the problem. And had us up and running. I am so pleased!!!
Kevin Cooper
Kevin Cooper
21:12 08 May 20
Henry came out the day I called during the Covid-19 crisis and got me taken care of.
Omar Castro
Omar Castro
23:47 26 Aug 19
Faster cheaper better more reliable
Arghavan Arjmand
Arghavan Arjmand
18:44 13 Jul 19
I called thermatech on a Friday and Henry have us an appointment for Saturday. He diagnosed the issue with our AC right... away, fixed it in a couple of minutes and for a reasonable price. He also gave us advice for the future on our system and regarding city codes. Overall a quite pleasant experience. Will definitely go to him again if we have any other issues.read more
wilbert jabraeili
wilbert jabraeili
21:22 03 Jul 19
Professional, reasonable price and great support. Best HVAC contractor
Milan REG
Milan REG
19:30 09 May 18
I have used Therma Tech service few times and also have referred them to other clients and friends. This company is... very responsive to callers and they focus on service vs. making money. They are very knowledgeable and do not leave the site without making sure that the problem has been resolved. Their rates are also very fair and reasonable. I highly recommend this company for all your HVAC needs. Thank you Henry!read more
Ilsin Baghdasarian
Ilsin Baghdasarian
03:57 06 Nov 14
I called them over the weekend for argent call, referred by my brother Emil who previously used them and the tech by... the name of Henry, showed on time as it was communicated. he was very detailed and checked the unit. Henry explained the issue and what he can do to fix it. He had the needed part in truck and was in and out within 2hrs. Henry was also very professional and appeared very clean. I will defiantly be using them next time and will recommend it to all my friends and family.read more
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