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Air Conditioning repair

Therma Tech Inc knows that it is important to balance our customers’ needs with that of the services we offer. We strive to make it as easy as possible for you to choose our company as the right air conditioning repair contractor for your home or business heating and cooling system needs.

We asses every home or business on space available, climate and insulation in order to help our customers choose the system that will work best for their needs. Working in this way with our customers helps in finding the best air conditioning system that is appropriate, cost effective and environmentally friendly.

Central heating and cooling is the norm for most homes and buildings in California. The initial costs of installing a centralized heating and cooling system is far outweighed by the benefits gained long term. At Therma Tech Inc we strive to keep your home or business just the way you want it, at the perfect temperature for your needs.

Heating and cooling typically makes up about 48% of your utility bill. It doesn’t matter what kind of heating and cooling system you have, you will improve your comfort level and potentially save money by upgrading and properly maintaining your HVAC equipment.

Just having an energy efficient furnace on its own will not have as great an impact on your energy bill as having a trustworthy air conditioning repair contractor providing maintenance and upgrades with recommended thermostat settings, insulation and air sealing. This offers energy bill savings of up to 30% while reducing environmental emissions.

If you are feeling cold in your home or business it may very well be that your heating system is not working as well as it should. Now would be the time to find a reputable air conditioning repair contractor to check your system and make sure it is working properly. Trust that Therma Tech Inc will do it’s best to get your home or business at the perfect environment to meet your needs.


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  •   They are very professional and friendly to work with. They come in, troubleshoot and fix the issue, test and validate working condition and leave - very efficient and reasonable rate. Highly recommended Therma Tech for any HVAC services. Thanks Christine and Chris.

    thumb Transdata 3.

      I just had yet another exceptional experience with ThermaTech.  Henry has serviced my ancient HVAC system several times, and he is always fantastic. At a service visit last week, he said he could do another repair if I wanted (this time there was a freon leak), but at this point he felt it would be better to consider replacing my old inefficient system.  He did not pressure me into the decision -- he went over the projected costs of keeping my old system going versus installing a new one.  I decided that it made economic AND environmental sense to invest in a new HVAC system, and ultimately decided to replace the furnace as well as the A/C.   ThermaTech gave me a fair quote, and I felt 100% confident giving them the job.  

    Mark and Gustavo did an exceptional job installing the new furnace and A/C today.  They were very knowledgeable and personable; arrived on time; and worked diligently throughout the day.  At the end of the day, everything was up and running perfectly, and they gave me a tutorial on the new system.  They also left my house and yard spotless, and wore booties inside the house -- another plus!   Delighted with my new A/C -- works SO much better than my old system.  

    Highly recommend ThermaTech once again!

    thumb Deborah W.

      We had a very loud furnace sitting in the kitchen closet; we wanted to create additional space in the house and move the furnace to the attic. We also wanted to add air conditioning to the home and a new furnace. I spoke to at least 4 HVAC providers.  Henry was by far the most knowledgeable and creative in his approach. He didn't sell anything; he shared his knowledge and provided great insights into how vents need to be placed for better heating and cooling.  The quote from him was not the lowest, but I still decided to go with therma tech for the installation. The crew was professional and did a fantastic job. The original completion estimate was five days, but the crew was able to turn the heating on the third day itself.  I am happy that I worked with them. They are the best people to work with.  Thank you, Henry and the team, for the excellent work!

    thumb Jagdish U.
  •   Our heater stopped running. There was a sticker of another company on the heater and I called that number to get a guy to come out and look at it. He came in and look at a couple of things then told me it was the inducer motor that was broken. He said it can be replaced for close to $1000 but the motor won't get here until a month later. At that point, I decided to try other places and see if the motor can be acquired sooner.

    I found Therma Tech, and Christine on the phone helped me get an estimated time and price for the motor and the job but said they still need to do their own diagnostics. After hearing that the part is 3 weeks out and the price similar to the first place, I decided to go with them because I wasn't a fan of the interactions I've had with the first company. We had Chris from Therma Tech come out to take a look in a couple of hours from when I called. He has all the tools he needed, checked everything he could very thoroughly, and found that the motor was stuck. He opened it up and removed the debris that made the fan inside stuck. When he put everything back together the heater ran perfectly fine.

    The charge was the diagnostics fee which was many times cheaper than the motor replacement job, and we would have been cold for the next month of time otherwise. Chris was able to find the source of the issue by checking thoroughly and systematically. What a contrast in service! This is how real professionals should work. We are so grateful for the service and for having warm air again immediately!
    Guess who I'm calling when there are any HVAC issues? This is how you win customers, bravo.

    thumb Woo K.

      Awesome company and service. Top-notch. Furnace stopped heating during the winter, and ThermaTech made time to squeeze in a visit during a very busy day. They quickly diagnosed the issue and scheduled an appointment to fix it the next day (which meant another night without heat). But they surprised us later that same day by calling to say they were 5 minutes away and would be able to fix our furnace within the hour. Friendly and knowledgeable staff.

    thumb Sarita D.

      Henry came out to give us a second opinion. We had a *different* company come out to tell us our A/C was broken, bad compressor, and could not be fixed - and that needed to replace entire HVAC System.   When we told Henry what this other guy told us, he knew what to check and within 15 minutes had our A/C WORKING!!!!! The *other* guy was scamming us (even offered to do our job, on the side, to save us $, a RED Flag, I know).
        Henry was professional, honest and he is very good at his trade. EXCELLENT service! We are so grateful to him. Thank you Henry.

    thumb Antoinette W.
  •   Very appreciate for Therma Tech's timely help to fix my heater burner problem.  Christine talked with me over the phone trying to help me fix the problem myself.  Once I noticed the error code, I sent back the photos and error code.  She dispatched Chris to our home, replaced the aging capacitor and fixed the problem.  It took Chris less than 90 minutes including traveling.  I very appreciated for their help.  It was so efficient!  Highly recommended.

    thumb J K.

      The tenants had no heat/A/C for a few days and I contacted ThermaTech.
    Christie was very helpful and contacted the tenant for me to arrange a time for the Tech to come out.  She promptly called me back and Chris Valdez came out the following morning, detected the bad furnace transformer, replaced/tested it and all done in less than 30 minutes.  Now there is home heat in this unusual frigid SJ weather as these are good tenants that have been living there for many years.  I would certainly contact ThermaTech again.  Recommend their services for sure. A very good experience you can count on!

    thumb Dennis W.

      Our AC fan died on one of the hottest days of the year.  It was during a heat wave so we assumed (correctly) that most AC repair services would be booked up.  We called between 6 and 8 places and the earliest they could get a technician out was the following week... some were saying almost two weeks.

    Therma Tech responded the same day and had a technician stop by our home that evening as his last call.  Henry was great--professional, honest, and a great communicator.  He repaired our issue in less than an hour and got us up and running again.  Highly recommended!

    thumb Joe S.
  •   We had a great experience with Therma Tech! Our AC stopped cooling the house down on the hottest night of the year. I called Therma Tech among ten other companies and no one was picking up. I was panicking and sweating! 🙂 Then Christie from Terma Tech called me back and luckily Henry was available to come and check out our AC in the next thirty minutes.

    Henry was very professional, asked the right questions, and examined our AC. A part of AC was broken from old age and he gave us two options to fix it - a cheaper and a more expensive one. He put absolutely no pressure on us to select the price point we were comfortable with, and quickly switched out the broken part once we decided which price to go with. He even gave our AC unit a wash because it was quite dirty and checked the temperature inside the house and AC vent with a special thermometer.

    Our experience with Therma Tech was perfect - from friendly and professional staff to quick work, the team went above and beyond. Will definitely recommend this business to friends!

    thumb Eva M.

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