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How to Decide When to Replace or Repair your AC Unit.Air Conditioning Contractor San Jose

You will read and may even hear, from your air conditioning contractor, about when is the best time to replace your heating and air conditioning system from manufacturers and other authoritative sources. The U.S. Department of Energy estimates the service life expectancy of an air conditioning system to be around 10-15 years and suggests that this is a good time to replace an AC unit. The average home owner doesn’t always have the luxury or finances to follow this advice however. The age of your system is worth strong consideration when determining whether it needs replacing or not, but there are other signs and symptoms that are good indicators for replacing your AC unit.

A sign that needs careful consideration is if you find that your air conditioning system has needed more frequent repairs. Because central AC units are exposed to the outdoors and extremes in temperature the outdoor parts usually need more maintenance and as a result don’t usually last as long as heating units. Needing to have your unit repaired or serviced by an air conditioning contractor more than once per season is a symptom that the unit may need replacing. Unfortunately, with these types of systems, if they are not working properly or there is a part that is malfunctioning, it can cause collateral damage. In this case just fixing the part that is the source of the problem won’t eliminate the damage that may have already been done to the other parts of the air conditioning system. This can set you up in a vicious cycle of frequent repairs because only the symptom was addressed and the cause was not fully remedied, resulting in the symptom recurring again and again.

It may be that your AC unit doesn’t seem to be as efficient as it used to be, your bills are higher for no apparent reason, despite the fact that you have made every effort to keep it regularly maintained. Maybe the unit is much noisier than it used to be. These are also symptoms of a failing air conditioning system. These symptoms may be related to any number of problems that may not make a probable case for the unit to need replacing. However, these types of symptoms are common indicators that something serious is going wrong with your system and needs to be checked out by a professional air conditioning contractor.

More than likely the most important sign may be the higher cost of running your old AC unit. No doubt the cost of using your air conditioning system is a key factor in deciding whether to replace it or not. Your HVAC system uses the most energy out of all the systems in your home.  If your unit broke down about half way through its service life and repairing it would cost half of what it would cost to replace it, should you replace or repair it? Repairing it would probably give you another 5-8 years of working at approximately the same cost or efficiency and then you will need to get a new one anyway. If you replace it with a newer more energy efficient system it will lower your energy bills over the same period of time and more than likely save you more money in the long run.

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