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Furnace Repair Service

Furnace Repair Service San Jose
There is nothing like the feeling of coming home to a warm and cozy house during the cold winter months. A dry warm house is a wonderful escape from the windy, wet and sometimes snowy conditions outside. If your home has an inefficient furnace or it is need of repairs then this warm cozy picture may be eluding you. Instead you may be living in discomfort and paying high heating bills this winter. By hiring a furnace repair service you can be certain that your furnace is running optimally. Before hiring a furnace repair service there are some things you may want to be aware of and take the necessary steps to get the best value for the service.
What Services Do You Need?
First determine the specific services you require. If your furnace is in need of a total overhaul, you will be looking for a qualified professional furnace repair service that will use high end equipment and have the best experience. If, however, you just need a part replaced or a leak fixed then you most likely want to save some money by hiring someone with less experience. To make the experience of hiring a furnace repair service contractor easier and less stressful, for you and the company you choose, it is best to know exactly what work you need done.
Getting Estimates
Unfortunately, there are furnace repair companies that will capitalize on homeowners that are unaware of the costs for specific services. It is never a good idea to hire a contractor without getting several estimates from different furnace repair companies. By doing this you will already be ahead of the game when choosing your contractor. After getting a few estimates it will be clear which companies are over charging for their services.
Licensing and Insurance
You definitely want to know that the furnace repair contractor you are hiring is licensed to do furnace repairs in your state. Most reputable companies have this information readily available for their customers or it can be found on their website. It is important to also find out about the contractor repair insurance, this will protect you if things go wrong during your furnace repair.
Written Contracts
A contract should be drawn up before any work is done and any payments made. If you don’t have a contract it will be impossible to prove what repairs were agreed upon and the cost of those repairs. With this written contract you and the company you hire to do your furnace repair will know exactly what was quoted for the work to be done.
At Therma Tech Inc we go out of our way to make sure our customers know precisely who they are hiring, what services they are getting and what the cost will be. We want our customers to rest assure they have hired a highly professional and reputable furnace repair service contractor.

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