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HVAC Contractor

HVAC Contractor San Jose

Each season brings weather conditions that make many home owners well aware of the painful decision to upgrade or replace their old HVAC equipment. Great news for HVAC contractors! Well the one’s that provide quality work anyway. The important question then becomes how do you find a HVAC contractor that does quality work and in an effective and efficient manner? At Therma Tech Inc we guarantee that we are at the top of our game and that our work is up to par. We use the best equipment available and know that our work is of the highest quality and correctly installed. We go out of our way to give our customers all of the options available to have highly efficient systems in their homes.


At Therma Tech Inc we put our trust in our installation process. We make every effort to choose the right equipment, but more importantly we guarantee our work. As a HVAC contractor we are well aware that the work we do is just as important as the brand of equipment we use and that the inexpensive equipment can sometimes last just as long as the expensive equipment. We look at factors such as warranties and the ease of claiming on the warranty or customer service and the cost in comparison to the quality of the equipment. These decisions, to name a few, are what help give us certainty in our work and services. We give high importance in using brands that effectively and efficiently handle claims on their equipment so that you as our customer do not have to wait for repairs in critical times.


We are proud of our work at Therma Tech Inc. Our pride can be seen in the work that we provide our customers every day. We know our customers don’t want to see shoddy work after paying for a job with their hard earned money. That is why all of our employees throughout our company pay careful attention to detail and technique and put great effort into their work. Our employees are well aware that first impressions are extremely important to our customers.


The standards on efficiency are increasing at a rapid pace. At Therma Tech Inc we work hard to keep up with the pace and our competition. We place great importance on our customers knowing exactly what equipment we use and why we think it will be the most efficient for them. We have many success stories and would be happy to share them with you.


If you are in need of a quality HVAC contractor you need look no further than Therma Tech Inc. We are eager to hear from you and provide you with the highest quality service.



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