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Consider an HVAC system audit

Preventative maintenance services for HVAC systems play an important role in reducing energy use, but the performance of your system can be further improved. Despite thorough preventative maintenance, some systems continue to be inefficient. A major contributor to this dilemma is improper installation. Changes made to HVAC systems over many years can also negatively affect energy use. Alterations made to houses or professional buildings, often alters the way the HVAC system needs to work to be at its most efficient. This often results in an uncomfortable environment.

An HVAC system audit is a good way to get specific information about systems and their components. Technicians can target parts that are obsolete, broken, underperforming, unreliable and inefficient. Technicians can also target ways to make overall improvements to system operations, such as modifying components or making necessary adjustments, and if needed replacing systems with contemporary high efficiency units.

An audit should begin with looking at all available materials pertaining to the system such as; service history, manufacturer’s operation and maintenance manuals, and logbooks. A clear picture can be seen through the maintenance history by showing the technician which systems or components are in need of the most service or which have had the most modifications done to keep the system working. These are all clues that improvements could be made to increase the efficiency of the overall system.

After going through all the available information the next thing is to observe the operation of the systems equipment to check for areas that could be improved and deficiencies that need to be addressed. Financial estimates need to be made on required alterations if areas of use have undergone major changes that directly affect the operations of the systems equipment.

There is no doubt that system audits take up a lot of time and may reveal costly upgrades or changes to your HVAC system, but it is a great way to see how exactly energy can be saved. An audit offers insight into the necessary work that needs to be done, how much it will cost and how much you can possibly save in the long run.


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